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Monday, August 2, 2010

Legend of the Midgard Serpent

The Midgard Serpent is a giant serpent thrown into the ocean by a great king. The serpent grew so large that it encircled the planet.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Midgard Serpent torso clay up and head update

midgard serpent artAs of today the Midgard Serpent sculpt has undergone almost two layers of brush up clay on the torso. I think 4-5 more layers will bring my wall thickness between 1/8" - 1/4".

midgard serpent sculptThe tongue has been introduced, I liked Brozar's idea; therefore, incorporated his concept of a thick base and pointy tongue. The plastic eyes were removed and replaced with the clay eyes. The eyes will not be secured until the serpent's head is attached to the torso and Thor is place back in the scene. We what the Midgard Serpent focusing on Thor's mighty hammer.

midgard serpent artHere is a profile view of the Midgard Serpent's tongue.

serpent artThe clear plastic wrap between the head fins and head will be removed after I have finalized the crown. I am still tweaking the head fin's pose.

midgard serpent bronzeMy daughter stated that the serpent looks like he is wearing a shower cap. Leave it to the peanut gallery to critique ones art work.... LOL

midgard serpent artThe serpent's skin texture is still up in the air. I do not care to give it a scale texture. I prefer wrinkle skin look.

midgard serpent artHere you can view the aluminum rod that will help guide and secure the fit to the Midgard Serpents head. Both sections that will join have been coated with clay. The clay on both the torso and head will be melted just before the are squeezed together to secure a tight bond.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thor's Midgard Serpent gets the first clay layer

Thor midgard serpent artBirds-eye view of Thor and the Midgard Serpent. As you can note, the head fins on the serpent received the first layer of clay. The serpent's body also received its face coat of clay. I will apply the clay to the inner section after I remove the Thor sculpt from the stand. Right now there is not enough room to maneuver.

Thor midgard serpent artHere is a frontal image of Thor and the Serpent. I am still fine-tuning the head and fins posture. Currently I am still in doubt.

Thor midgard serpent artI will adhere the Midgard Serpents head and body after I find the correct head pose. I am thinking of tilting the head a bit more.

Thor midgard serpent artThor will be approximately four inches off the base (ground) in order to give the viewer the impression that Thor is about to take flight. The Serpent's tail, head fin and segments of the Serpents body will be welded to Thor in order to secure the bronze.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thor and the Midgard Serpent's armature fabricated to hold the battle pose

Thor artThis image exhibits Thor restraining the Midgard Serpent by the cranium fin/wing. The pose is a fairly accurate; however, I may alter it after I had time to digest the stance.

Thor artThe rear view… Thor’s hand will be revised once I figure out what he will actually be holding on to.

Thor artThe Midgard Serpent’s head fins will be adapted to flow with the action.

Thor artThe Midgard Serpent’s body will undertake the clay up within the next few days.

Thor artThe Midgard Serpent is large enough to consume poor Thor… LOL…. (moremagic/Mike) one of my ustream.tv viewers declared that the composition is making it look like Thor is the villain.

Thor artMy wife is taking pleasure in the serpent’s disposition.

Thor artHere you can see the green garden hose, which will be covered in clay soon.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Thor 3D movie scheduled for release on May 4, 2011

Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Tom Hiddleston as Loki from director Kenneth Branagh's upcoming "Thor" adaptation.

Midgard Serpent head fin wings

The Midgard Serpent gets wings.... hmmm sounds like a red-bull ad...

The head wings/fins or whatever they are called were fabricated using 1/8" aluminum wire, cotton shirt; wood glue. To learn the process, you will have to tune in to my live-broadcast. Currently working on the Thor God of Thunder and The Midgard Serpent.

Here is a birds-eye view of the Midgard Serpents head. The fins/wings have been dry fitted before the clay is applied.

I am thinking of having Thor take hold of the Serpent’s left fin-wing. This way it looks like Thor is able to control the serpent by means of a sensitive part of the serpent’s anatomy. It would comparable to restraining someone via an ear. Try it; it’s painful.

The fin-wings will be modified to better streamline the look and feel of the composition.

I have not quite determined which way to point the head fin-wing.

Be patient my friends, the piece will improve over the next few days, for right now it is still in its rough phase.

Thanks for viewing...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Midgard Serpent begins to take shape

As you can notice the head appearance is now beginning to get that ferocious pissed off expression; therefore, I think Thor may be in trouble.

The nostrils were enlarged in order to give the beast a facial expression of being battle beaten.

The hand on the Midgard Serpent's head is the hand for the Thor model. I will make the hand part of the head; later the wrist section will be welded to the Thor lower end of the forearm once the composition is in the metal stage. The hand is still very sketchy and will need many more hours of detailing.

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