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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Midgard Serpent torso clay up and head update

midgard serpent artAs of today the Midgard Serpent sculpt has undergone almost two layers of brush up clay on the torso. I think 4-5 more layers will bring my wall thickness between 1/8" - 1/4".

midgard serpent sculptThe tongue has been introduced, I liked Brozar's idea; therefore, incorporated his concept of a thick base and pointy tongue. The plastic eyes were removed and replaced with the clay eyes. The eyes will not be secured until the serpent's head is attached to the torso and Thor is place back in the scene. We what the Midgard Serpent focusing on Thor's mighty hammer.

midgard serpent artHere is a profile view of the Midgard Serpent's tongue.

serpent artThe clear plastic wrap between the head fins and head will be removed after I have finalized the crown. I am still tweaking the head fin's pose.

midgard serpent bronzeMy daughter stated that the serpent looks like he is wearing a shower cap. Leave it to the peanut gallery to critique ones art work.... LOL

midgard serpent artThe serpent's skin texture is still up in the air. I do not care to give it a scale texture. I prefer wrinkle skin look.

midgard serpent artHere you can view the aluminum rod that will help guide and secure the fit to the Midgard Serpents head. Both sections that will join have been coated with clay. The clay on both the torso and head will be melted just before the are squeezed together to secure a tight bond.

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