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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thor's Midgard Serpent gets the first clay layer

Thor midgard serpent artBirds-eye view of Thor and the Midgard Serpent. As you can note, the head fins on the serpent received the first layer of clay. The serpent's body also received its face coat of clay. I will apply the clay to the inner section after I remove the Thor sculpt from the stand. Right now there is not enough room to maneuver.

Thor midgard serpent artHere is a frontal image of Thor and the Serpent. I am still fine-tuning the head and fins posture. Currently I am still in doubt.

Thor midgard serpent artI will adhere the Midgard Serpents head and body after I find the correct head pose. I am thinking of tilting the head a bit more.

Thor midgard serpent artThor will be approximately four inches off the base (ground) in order to give the viewer the impression that Thor is about to take flight. The Serpent's tail, head fin and segments of the Serpents body will be welded to Thor in order to secure the bronze.

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