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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thor and the Midgard Serpent's armature fabricated to hold the battle pose

Thor artThis image exhibits Thor restraining the Midgard Serpent by the cranium fin/wing. The pose is a fairly accurate; however, I may alter it after I had time to digest the stance.

Thor artThe rear view… Thor’s hand will be revised once I figure out what he will actually be holding on to.

Thor artThe Midgard Serpent’s head fins will be adapted to flow with the action.

Thor artThe Midgard Serpent’s body will undertake the clay up within the next few days.

Thor artThe Midgard Serpent is large enough to consume poor Thor… LOL…. (moremagic/Mike) one of my ustream.tv viewers declared that the composition is making it look like Thor is the villain.

Thor artMy wife is taking pleasure in the serpent’s disposition.

Thor artHere you can see the green garden hose, which will be covered in clay soon.


  1. wow! this is awesome will you be selling these?

  2. the serpent has yellow ears? or what exactly are those ?


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