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Saturday, June 26, 2010

360 view of the Thor clay sculpt

Thor art
Thor's hair was given an additional three inches in length.

Thor art
I believe I will keep the current pose.

Thor art

The Midgard serpent will be added to the composition. The serpent's head or neck will be held by Thor's left hand as he summons the thunder in order to gain strength and do some serious booty kicking.

Thor artThe rear section of the loincloth is not show in this image. Due to the pipe, entering his back, I was unable to dry fit the rear section.Thor art
My daughter viewed the sculpt today with all the accessories added and she stated, "this is your best work to date and I don't even like comic characters!". That was nice of her...

Thor art
The sculpt measures 36" from toes to head. From toes to top of the hammer we are looking 45".
Thor art
The hands still need to under several hours of detailing.

Thor art
Sections of the cape will be supported by the serpents body; otherwise, the weight of the cape may compromise the welds.

Thor art
UP, UP and away! The sculpt will be about one inch off the ground in order to give the illusion of flight.

Thor art
Hope you enjoyed the images. More images will be available during the Midgard serpent sculpt.

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  1. Amazing work. Looks stunning. Can't wait to see it finished in Bronze


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